Literacy is essential if we are to eradicate poverty at home and create sustainable development. Without literacy skills the abilities to read, to write, to do math, to solve problems, and to access and use technology, one will struggle to take part in the world around them. It's our goal to Reach Outgoing Youth Accelerate Literacy Enthusiasm for their full potential as parents, community members, and creators.

Literacy Pep Rally
Writer's Worshop
Book Night
Guest Speaker

Vendor Booth

Help provide booth coverage to motivate more children to pick up a book, improve their literacy skills, and enjoy reading as a regular activity.


Are you driven to improve your community and the environment? Come volunteer with us! Email us to review our current list of volunteer opportunities! 

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We welcome reques to be your guest speakers to share a story with your Royale readers, present literacy speeches, or by providing entertainment (or all three)!


We are very grateful to be a part of such a giving city that supports and spread news to youth about our wonderful group workshops, writers center, and creative space.

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