Join Royale Boy Blue on his mission to put his best foot forward and gain readiness to greet the world!


Royale Boy Blue Struggles with his Etiquette is an awesome children's book that will explore social and emotional manners that are verbal and nonverbal. Nobody is born with manners. In spite of Royale Boy Blue's bad encounters with his struggles with Etiquette, he ultimately built confidence. Which, will help increase self respect, professional social interactions and lasting relationships.

Royale Boy Blue Becomes A Master Builder  engages readers to image taking all of the stages it took for Royale to turn his imagination into reality. From soft blocks to interlocking bricks, comes a series of adventures. Travel through time and join his epic STEM journey that will be sure to spark an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Becoming a Master Builder doesn't come easy but, with a little creativity, ingenuity and determination, it is possible!

 Royale Boy Blue Struggles

with His Etiquette


Royale Boy Struggles With His Etiquette

Royale Boy Blue Becomes

A Master Builder



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“Just had my 5th grader read this amazing book to me. Very powerful. Thank you

Royale Boy Blue..” 


—  Rick Wyatt, Dad