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About our Brand Ambassador Program


Our Brand Ambassadors program represents brands in a positive light to increase brand awareness and sales. Whether you're an artist, sell merchandise or a product based business, this program is a powerful and effective way to engage your target audience and give a visual to showcase your brand.

Services include:

^ Brand Images

^ Product Demo 

^ Sample and Swag Distribution 

How It Works

Get Started

  • The Brand Ambassador Form must be completed. (Click here for form)

  • You must fully equip us with your Brand’s Swag (marketing materials), product, merchandise and more! (Ship/Drop off options)

  • 2 week turnaround for fully edited photos and/or video. (We can use our photographer or you can schedule your own)

  • Payments are made directly to the PayPal or Cash App business account of Brand Ambassador.

  • Copyrights to all photos and/or video are given to your company upon receipt.

  • Your chosen photos will be distributed through our online facets.  

Juliet Tanner, Brand Ambassador      

3 years old

Meet 3 year old, Juliet Tanner. A young model, makeup enthusiast and ballet dancer that participates in fashion and entertainment events. Her presentation is full of glitz and glamour yet, reassurance of self-confidence is at the core of each and every element.

Mason Tanner, Brand Ambassador

2 years old

Meet 2 year old, Mason Tanner. A young model that promotes, display or advertise commercial products, and serves as a visual for people who are creating works of art. With every stage he walks and every photo he takes, he showcases his charm and captures the audience.

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