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Royale Boy Blue, LLC


Royale Boy Blue, LLC is a literacy company in Kansas City, Mo. that encourages children, especially young boys, ages 5 to 15 to be enthused about reading.


“Researchers have found a sharp decline in reading enjoyment after the age of eight”. 

62% percent of children between six and eight say they either love or like reading books for fun, but this percentage drops to just 46% for children between the ages of nine to 11, with the figure at 49% for 12-14-year olds, and 46% again for 15-17-year-olds.

“We offer self written books, book club meetups, read alouds, and enjoyable educational music through mobile DJing”.

Our books provide real life experiences that can help the reader's interest and curiosity. It will build the readers vocabulary, and help with real life changes and experiences.


The book club helps lonely readers make friends and do activities together. Participation in shared reading groups is linked to enhanced relaxation, calmness, concentration, quality of life, confidence and self-esteem, as well as feelings of shared community and common purpose. 

School read alouds improves vocabulary comprehension. According to the Department of Education, children with reading difficulties are at greater risk of developing mental health problems later in life, including depression, anxiety, behavioral problems, anger and aggression.


Our sight words program also heightens impacts of reading by providing sounds of rhythmical, rhyme, rich, and repetitive educational rap music, which has its roots in the African American community, to help improve children’s reading motivation, information recall, and vocabulary development.