Mother: “Madden's love of reading was introduced when he was 6 months old. His father played educational videos Monday through Friday. Same time, every day, faithfully. As he gradually accomplished every level, we began to see him gain language skills and social-emotional development. His oldest brother Anthony would read to him all the time. Which, he thought it was the coolest thing ever. During the course of time of infant to toddler years, Madden had two important male role models that influenced his dedication to turn the page of a book and to do it often”.


Madden: “Reading books makes me feel peaceful. I get to explore other places with every page because I imagine what I'm reading”.


Mother: “During the time Madden attended preschool, we moved into a loft in downtown Kansas City that was directly in front of the Central Library. My mother in law insisted that I take him over to the library often. I could hear the excitement from her voice when she told me to make it a routine. She knew the spark it would ignite being surrounded by tons of books. So, I did just that”.


Mother: “After a year of trips to the library, Madden's love of literacy blossomed. It actually morphed into something greater than we all expected. One day, after time spent at the library, I remember us heading out and he said, Mom, wouldn't it be nice if we had other children to join us? Like a book club, I asked. Yes, other boys can join me and we can have lots of fun. I paused for moment and I looked down into his eyes that were filled with excitement. The same excitement that I had heard from my mother in law a year before. I said to him, I think it is a good idea. So, in 2013, Royale Boy Book Club was created”.


Madden: “Royale is an acronym that stands for Reach Outgoing Youth Accelerate Literacy Enthusiasm. I want to become a millionaire so I can purchase books for every child in the world. Since I'm not there yet, I started my literacy donation to local organizations in Kansas City and recently to a school in a small village in Kenya”.


Mother: “With his father planting a seed, a brotherly love shown with reading time, a grandmother's encouragement, and a mother's support, Madden Tanner a.k.a. Royale Boy Blue has hosted nearly 50 library days, lead read-a-louds in various public and charter classrooms, recorded a song about his enthusiasm of reading and dedication, honored our ancestors that were killed to learn how to read in the Kansas City Juneteeth parade, held a writer's workshop for nearly 50 children once a week for 8 weeks, created a business and wrote and self published two books, and donated nearly 200 books to local and international organizations”.

~ I am "Sworn" to Be Royale & Free 

Madden Tanner, Creator