Dirt, water, bits of plants, and cooking utensils comprise a timeless lifestyle. The first outdoor environment encountered by an exploring youth gives a gritty, cool, stony, sandy, smooth to the hand sensation. 


Cooking season has begun with creativity, happiness, and generosity from both nature (with abundant loose parts) and youth (eager to share a “taste” of their fresh creations).

Planting Seeds
Cooking Classes

Donate Seeds

Help provide seeds to motivate more children to improve their agriculture skills by planting, growing, harvesting, and cooking home-grown food.


Are you driven to improve your community and the environment? Come volunteer with us! Email us to review our current list of volunteer opportunities! 

Kitchen Aide

We welcome donations for gardening tools, building equipment,  food, or provide educational presentations (or all four)!


We are very grateful to be a part of such a giving city that supports and spread news to wonderful interested partners that are willing to donate your time.