Rachel Play

Come support Royale Boy Blue in his first production as he plays the role of Jimmy. We will also have a vendor table for book purchase. November 10 – November 20 from 7 PM at Just Off Broadway Theatre 3051 Penn Valley Dr., Kansas City, Missouri 64108 Tickets available at vwww.kcmeltingpot.com

Angelina Grimke’s anti-lynching play Rachel is one of the first plays written by an African American woman to be produced for the stage. Produced by the NAACP in March 1916 and published in 1920, Rachel tells the story of Rachel Loving, a hopeful young woman coming of age who imagines a life helping others and raising a family. Rachel’s life is never the same after she discovers the devastating effects of racism on the children she cares for and the truth about the deaths of her late father and brother.