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Royale Boy Book Club Music Time

Cashing in some time at 825 Studios with Royale Boy Blue, my cousin Andre Tenner Moody & the Birthday BOI, my bro Taye Cherry. Let me just say, Madden's song is #LIT!!! Like, viral status LIT. Inspire the youth through music LIT. He will have the whole city rocking to his song LIT. You're going to want to download it LIT. It's always a pleasure to watch how he sets the bar time after time again. Whenever a task gets thrown at him, he's able to deliver. And, we got some homeschool hours in and he didn't even know it. 2 hours of Communication, Entrepreneurship, Art, Math, Writing, Engineering and Music.The song is planned to launch on June 10, 2017 on Google Play for you to download for only a $1.49 at https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Royale_Boy_Blue_Royale_Boy?id=Bqu6y2us6gktiafkzgapeoywany


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