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Book donation to Kansas City Children's Mercy Hospital - ICU and Library

Royale Boy Blue collaborated w/Connekc Ent to donate 15 books of, Royale Boy Blue Struggles with His Etiquette, to the Children's Mercy Hospital Library today. The books will be read in the ICU area and certain floors for the families to read. Children Mercy Hospital was our home for 7 months in 2014. Madden's book was created as a gateway of peace there. To know that it will now serve as a catalyst of some sort of normalcy for the youth, makes our grind worth it. We are still able to honor AET III on this Earthly rim. Is that crazy dope or nah?!?!

Rest In Power #RoyaleBoy Anthony E. Tanner III #LITeracy #Read #Bro#Sun #TannerGang

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