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Happy Birthday Royale Boy Blue

9 years ago we decided that it was time to heighten our horizon even further. Happy Birthday Madden Eugene Tanner a.k.a Royale Boy Blue 👑 I never imagined that it would result in birthing this magnitude of greatness. Over time, I've learned that allowing my perception of what I think he should be will get in the way of what he's destined to become. So, I welcome everything that he brings. The good, the bad, and the embarrassing 👀 We have shared our baby with KC for the past 4/5 years. In the words of Madden....I waited all year for my birthday to come, FINALLY(dramatic hands goes here)!!! So, we're inviting you out to come celebrate with him tonight at the 36th Annual KC City-Wide Kwanzaa Celebration 🎉 Shhh_it's a must see surprise that's going to happen. #Ujamaa ✊🏽 custom cake by Cake-a-Boo blessings w/Anthony Tanner & protected by God!

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