Royale Youth Vendor Squad

For 2 years this idea of engaging more with other youth creators has been brewing. We're pleased to announce that we have established a one of a kind start up movement for youth entrepreneurs called, Royale Youth Vendor Squad. This initiative will focus on reaching outgoing youth entrepreneurs around the Kansas City area from the age they are now in their business, up until the age of 21. Also, to create a platform for the inexperienced who are interested in expanding their talent/skill.

This opportunity has already sparked interest for contract sales and (FREE for applicants) Youth Entrepreneur Day events in the 18th Vine District that will be happening twice this year. We are also in the works of other exposure opportunities, to help further our goal of highlighting our youth in other major ways in 2018 and beyond.

If you're looking for support for your child's entrepreneurial journey, or guidance as to how to get ignite the spark in your child. We have several upcoming youth entrepreneur spotlight events as mentioned. As well as, a 4 week youth entrepreneur workshop planned for Summer 2018.

As KC Juneteenth would say, this is a Passport To Freedom 👑 Let's Be Great Together! #RoyaleBoy

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