#LITeracy Day

Today, was a day filled with #LITeracy fun as always. First stop was the Book Mobile. Each Royale reader was able to choose two books to add to their in-home library. These young thinkers enjoyed creative play with LEGO. Cognitive skills with Art & Crafts. With their canvas, they filled the blank space with the symbol of love & life 💛 with positive affirmation words surrounding them. In celebration of National Pizza Day (yesterday) their bellies were full of many flavors.

We had two Royale readers come forth to do the Read-A-Loud’s. Something that we encourage and always love to see. Featured books of the month were, Freedom School, which covered the history of education in the African American community. The second book was, I Have A Right To Be A Child, which explained many levels of respect/self respect for thyself.

Big thanks to all who bundled up and joined us. You all made this Black History Month meet up very special. Remember, our ancestors were killed for learning how to read. So continue to honor your ancestors by turning a page of a book 👑✊🏽✊🏽 We shall see you next month!