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On Tuesday, August 14, 2018 from 4p - 8p at 4851 Main St. KCMO

Through dedication, growth and determination from our network, we have brought successful monumental events to the Kansas City area, surrounding communities, and beyond. The goal of creating a nonprofit to assist more sustainability through educational and professional development experiences was granted! As an extension to the #Royale youth business, the mission to Reach Outgoing Youth has elevated from a movement to an official 501(C)(3) NON-PROFIT organization! Your contribution will help assist with these focus areas: * Royale Book Club (for boys/girls) & Literacy Outreach * Youth Entrepreneurship * Seeding through STEM (Science/Technology/Gardening) * Homeschool Hub

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4010 Washington St. Ste 110

Kansas City, Mo. 64111

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