Food Handler Card

My noisy child peeked over my shoulder today to see what I was studying and it turned into a whole epic moment for the #TannerGang 👑 I was more so proud of his note taking during his online course more so than his written test. Simply because his notes displayed readiness for higher educational courses. Madden was happy because he’s been wanting to cook/have a family restaurant since 2010 when Anthony received his degree. The health department workers said he was the youngest card holder they knew to pass and they offered to pay for his course and gave him a bag full of goodies. From all that was going on, I secretly laughed at one of the staff members for thinking Madden was not going to fully comprehend the test questions 👀#LITeracy...anyway the important part is 🤪 I missed one question and Anthony & Madden missed✌🏽 - 💪🏽💋👑

Book launch/Cooking class is near....🙌🏽 Congratulations Royale Boy Blue 💙