Meet The Squad

Ava Foster

Meet 6 year old, Princess Ava is the  lead entertainer at Ava Entertainment. This young poet creates magic by rhyming over various beats. With her one of kind self expression and confidence, she has captivated other youth by her creative lyricism and stylish appearance.

Ziyahd Bilal

Meet 6 year old, Ziyahd Bilal. The owner of Short Black & Dope. With his clothing line brand, he’s building confidence with only a few words. His online children’s clothing store is reaching youth all over the globe that are just like him. Short, Black & Dope!

Trinity Conway

Meet 4 year old, Trinity Conway. She is a enthusiastic dancer, actress, and model. She is young but, she’s full of potential to become a positive public figure for the young ladies of Kansas City. With her one of kind personality, she is destined to grab everyone's attention. 

Kamari Harris

Meet 11 year old, Kamari Harris. The owner of KJ's Flowers that specializes in planting home-grown plants and produce. He learned agriculture from his family history of growing food. Kamari will offer other products such as, pickles and sunflower seeds with hot and regular seasoning blends in the near future.

Eve Dixon

Meet 5 year old, Eve Dixon. The owner of Shimmers by Eve Marie. She's rounding up a the best girl-power styles for other girls to rock.  This young creator produces natural collections of lip gloss, lip balms, body oils, cream and bath bombs that are formulated to moisturize, nourish, hydrate. 

Cianna Hernandaz

Meet 11 year old, Cianna Hernandez. The co-owner of Henna By Hernandez, a mother daughter Henna team that was born in 2016! By the way of henna paste and stain, is where her art comes to life. This service is plant based and safe for all ages and is truly beautiful work of art.

Warnell Lyons

Meet 25 year old, Warnell L. Lyons. The owner of Lyons Art and Design is an artistic company that includes custom drawings, exclusive paintings, portraits, landscapes, and illustrations. Commission pieces, logo designs, graphic designs, and animation will be offered soon.

Sarah Middleton

Meet 10 year old Sarah Middleton. Tthe owner of Hustle Hard Candy. A gourmet candy collection and gourmet apples. Away with the simple Caramel & Chocolate apples! She’s bringing something fresh and exciting to your table. With a variety of flavors, sizes and yummy toppings, she’s sure to give you a unforgettable treat!

Zachairah Redick

Meet 14 year old, Zachariah Redick. He is the owner of Zach’s Snack KC LLC. It is a snack/food business with a variety of options to choose from. Each treat is sure to awaken your taste buds and can be an enjoyment in itself. With the hopes of expanding, a food truck is not far fetched from providing tasty food that will definitely keep you wanting more.

Paislei Taylor-Dixon

Meet 7 year old, Paislei Taylor-Dixon. Her Paislei Corn business is a mobile popcorn shoppe that serves 13 flavors of overflowing bags of the most popular whole-grain snacks on the planet. Each bag is made with a yummy and tasty number of concoctions to make

popcorn lovers go wild. Working hard behind her cart, she welcomes you with a smile, in the hopes of giving you a little taste of happiness, one tasty popped kernel at a time.

Madden Tanner

Meet 9 year old, Madden Tanner. He is a smart & ambitious 9 year old author of two self published books, owner of Royale Boy Blue, literacy advocate and facilitator of R.O.Y.A.L.E Boy Book Club, youth speaker, and organizer for the Royale Youth Vendor Squad.

Raelynn Heath

Meet 8 year old, Raelynn Heath. The owner of Rae Materials and the VP of GIRLY Inc. Her nonprofit teaches girls how to become entrepreneurs by teaching character building and leadership skills. She spreads confidence through workshops and community projects.

Kaden Byrd

Meet 9 year old, Kaden Byrd. The owner of K.A.B (Kids Above & Beyond). He is smart, fun, creative, and self published author. His mission is to let other kids know that they can do anything “Above & Beyond” when they put their minds to it!

Taylor Johnson

Meet 12 year old, Taylor Johnson. The owner of Slime Jerks that is a fun and interactive business that teaches children how to make the squishiest, stretchiest, slimiest slime ever. She brings out every slime lover crafty science skills and everyone walks away with vibrant, opaque colored translucent hues.

Eden Ashiofu

Meet 6 year old, Eden Ashiofu. The owner of Eden’s Bowties. This creative designer makes custom made bow ties that are sure to enhance a whole wardrobe. With a rainbow of colors and prints, it would be a perfect gift for a classy gentleman or a trendy lady. 

Kaleb Smith

Meet 10 year old,  Kaleb Smith. In October of 2017 he launched "Kaleb's Karz" as an effort to collect remote control cars for kids in need. With the help of family, friends, and community, he has exceeded his goal of 500 cars and plans to collect even more as his organization grows.

Tyia Adair

Meet 25 year old, Tyia L Adair. She is the CEO of A Beautiful Wonderful Me. With 5 self published books, her journey is nothing short of amazing. It is Tyia's mission to encourage young people to love themselves, share their gifts, and live a positive life.

Miles Middleton

Meet 13 year old, Miles Middleton. He is an illustrator and owner of, Musty Miles Apparel. His clothing line has a variety of custom artwork that’s added to any style shirt. Who says that classic tee has to be plain? Using a bit of bleach, water, and his artistic artwork, he sure to create a custom t-shirt design in no time!

Juliet Tanner

Meet 3 year old, Juliet Tanner. A young model, makeup enthusiast and ballet dancer that participates in fashion and entertainment events. Her presentation is full of glitz and glamour yet, reassurance of self-confidence is at the core of each and every element.

Mason Tanner

Meet 2 year old, Mason Tanner. A young model that promotes, display or advertise commercial products, and serves as a visual for people who are creating works of art. With every stage he walks and every photo he takes, he showcases his charm and captures the audience.  

Brooklyn Franklin

Meet 5 year old, Brooklyn Franklin. A member of the International Junior Miss, a scholarship program that's organized to encourage positive achievements and strengthen self-awareness in the youth. Brooklyn also advocates for breast cancer awareness.

Masai Long

Meet 5 year old, Masai Long. The owner of Masai's Fresh Garden Eats/Holistic Living Made Easy, author of Masai the Warrior and His Garden Adventures. His mission is to encourage children to eat holistically and plant gardens all over the city.

Brayisha Avery

Meet 9 year old, Brayisha Avery. The owner of Grandma's Tea, LLC. From a grandma's remedy to help with a cold, to now a tea company that promotes tea time for kids, With 3 different flavors, Brayisha will surely fill your body with love and warmth with every cup.

Dylan Maupins

Meet 3 year old, Dylan Maupins. The owner of KC Kandy Cups that brings you all of your favorite sweets. What a wonderful way to spend your day - bringing smiles to people’s faces as they pick out their favorite treats. Life is like a cup, you'll never know what’s going to fill it up. But you can choose what goes in it.

Kennedy Scott

Meet 9 year old, Kennedy Scott. She is a youth author and advocate against bullying. The name of her first book is called, "Bullying, Knock It Out". Through strength and self awareness, she conquers countless bullying experiences.

Zackaria Clay

Meet 16 year old, Zackaria Clay. The owner of Gorgeous K. It is a fashion and makeup coming striving to help young ladies achieve a stylish get hung on the latest trend, learning builds your own personal style. With the clothes you wear and the makeup you apply, styling should be made fun and easy.

Robert Pryor III

Meet 23 year old, Robert Charles Pryor III. The owner of Philosopher's Stone. His mission is to holistically raise the vibration of all customers with his multitude of wire wrapped jewelry designs, healing stones, insightful numerology and crystal readings, and precious metals. 

Selah Middleton

Meet 12 year old, Selah Middleton. The owner of Liberia’s Learning (Tutor) & Photography. She is an excellent photographer that captures memories that are everlasting. Selah has an eye for bringing family moments, birthday celebrations, portfolios and more to life. Her subjects exemplifies the true beauty of life.

Madison Germany

Meet 14 year old, Madison Germany. The owner of Madison Francis. Madison Francis creates penciled portraits and drawings that are produced by accurately capturing facial features and expression. With the pencil tones or color variations she’s sure to make your photo, logo, or tattoo drawing request pop. Are you ready to be her next study?

Meet the owners of Perfume By Princesses, 11 year old LaSiayah & 7 year old Leah Bradley. Their kid friendly line of perfume & body splashes are uniquely packaged and filled with youthful fragrance that’s formulated to hold a long lasting scent. With hard work and dedication, it’s their mission to have their own boutique filled with bedazzled items for all girls to love.

LaSiayah & Leah Bradley


Meet 7 year old, Sulayman Rasheed. The owner of Royal Oils. This young chemist carries room and toilet freshener that diminishes everyday life odors. It doesn’t stop there! He also has body oils with signature fragrances.

Meet 14 year old, Alicya Smith. With the help of her brothers Elijah (12) and Ralph (10), she facilitates a business called, Melanin Magic Young Entrepreneurs. Using epoxy resin, unique hand crafted cup coasters and other artifacts are made. You can choose from small and large sizes and even place special orders of up to three of your your very own color choices!

Sulayman Rasheed

Alicya Smith


Meet 11 year old, Laia Green. She makes handmade all natural bath and body products. Her sugar scrubs exfoliates the skin to remove the oldest dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface. When paired with her body butter you’re sure to have smooth skin.

Laia Green

Natis' Kincaid

Ire Cherry


Daniel Cage Zalzala.

Meet 9 year old, Natis Kincaid. She’s the owner of Natis’ Lemonade Shop that sells various types of lemonades and will be expanding with fruit tea drinks as well.

Meet 8 year old, Ire Cherry. The owner of Very Cherry Bakery that creates fun and delicious desserts. Her goal is to sell her products at local events, festivals and online. In the hopes of building a strong brand, she intends to sell her products nationwide and teach online baking classes.

Meet 10 year old, Daniel Cage Zalzala. The owner of Daniel Cage TakeOver Production. He is a notable YouTuber this known for his futuristic video contributions to YouTube. His knowledge goes far beyond the world of Tech. A mixture of fiction and non-fiction books series about animals and insects is in the making as well. Which is planned to be launched Spring 2019.